BEEN THERE TOGETHER was designed as an alternative to mobile games, which pull the player into the virtual reality. BEEN THERE TOGETHER, on the contrary, encourages the player’s perception of society and his/her surroundings. By providing challenges, context, and aesthetic pleasure, it creates an exciting experience that differs from the ordinary daily activities.

Its purpose is to overcome the individual’s alienation in society. By simple questions and tasks, the player is drawn into a magic circle of play in reality, in areas that are normally not intended for play.

It creates a temporary world in the midst of an ordinary world, transforming the everyday experience and the individual’s perception of public spaces.

The player can choose from 4 difficulty modes and decide which intensity of play they prefer. Its modest design allows the player to play the game without noticeably changing their behavior in public, and it is entirely their decision if they want to admit that they are just playing a game or not.

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