Trees Have The Power

Trees Have the Power – 2014

The project is being developed since 2013 and revolves around the strength of interpersonal connections experienced throughout our lives. It points out the reality, that we all create our own micro-cosmos around us, shaped and expanded by every new person we meet.

First phase of the project involved exhibition of a tree within a gallery, which served as a metaphor of an ever expanding organism.
For the second phase an online social platform was developed, to map out and connect each individual’s personal contacts.
The third outcome offers space to present the “tree”. By involving people from my own personal tree of connections, we were creating lectures, interactive events, concerts, film screenings, and discussions focused on multiple aspects of life. The aim is both to test the skills and initiative of a specific community as a driving force in sharing and accumulating knowledge and experience; and at the same time to demonstrate the magnitude of impact of such activity. This unorthodox framework of encounter offers opportunity to generate new perspectives within the community, and enrich the audience.

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