Vrpca Paznje

Vrpca Paznje 2015

Vrpca Pažnje – Ribbon of Appreciation (in english translation) is a project created in April 2015.
Project is focused on things and places done by inhabitants of one part of Zagreb by “do it yourself” method. Novi Zagreb is very specific zone and people living in New Zagreb are very creative and independent. There is a mixture of village and big city atmosphere, older people with young families, which can be recognized in participatory behavior. People are not waiting for government if they need something. They are taking public spaces, as they are their gardens and they are building things they need, themselves. Which is improving community experience. That’s why we decided to give those people “Ribbon of Appreciation” (“Vrpca Pažnje in Croatian). By this Ribbon of Appreciation we would like to show our gratitude for the purpose of well-being of the community and the surrounding neighborhood.

This work was made in collaboration with Matej Kaminský.