Friends Abroad

The project "Friends Abroad" is the final conceptual document from my Erasmus internship in Belgium. It is focused on my friends who, as goal-driven young people, left their homes to find "better" lives while studying abroad. After a very short time spent in Belgium, I have started to notice the difference in the life standard of the two countries, Belgium and Slovakia. Obvious were especially the little things; the food range selection, the attitude towards customers, tolerance of all sorts, or maybe even the fact that speaking English was a sure thing among the young. I have started dealing with the thought that even though my friends came from the same average social background found in Slovakia, they have actually adopted the higher and better life standard they came across abroad. I have thus decided to create this conceptually based document which shows the adaptation of young slovak people abroad. In order to most accurately depict the differences, I have set 5 main themes which I have photographed with each person: portrait, home, school/work, favorite shopping place, favorite place.