Tri angel – Nothing is a safe place

Tri angel – Nothing is a safe place – 2015

Place that I focused on is public square. Its a place of passing by, stoping, looking, exchange and communication. It can be almost called “nonplace”. Its a special kind of a empty zone, between spectacles.

This island is one of a few. It a place where we can be safe, we can look around. An island created in between 3 busy roads is a place of no-one. On one side is a busy Town bar, on the other beautiful church and on the third is a main city street. Bus is stoping on the corner and this island is a central walk through. There is no correct way to cross it. Every direction is the right direction.

Living just above this place gave me a option to look at the space differently.
How we are looking at, behaving and reacting to empty public spaces. Cities are covered with places that we should look at, but what about places that we are looking from?

I found out is some kind of “safe zone”. It’s very tricky to work with it. To make any action, means to create another spectacle, and cities, our lives, don’t need more spectacles, that would take our attention from the here and now. This triangle, is a place where we can breath out.
It deserves to be celebrated, just because its not a spectacle. But how to celebrate, without changing the place? Doing concerts, screening movies, chatting, creating a state, making exhibitions. All of this, would create another active zone. Even creating a “not active zone” would actually create an active zone.

Thats why I decided to work on small scale, playing with possibilities and actually changing perception of it. Sharing attention about this space with people and react on it, rather than make invasive changes to the actual space.